About Me

I was born in the state of Florida. My mother was swiss-american and my father german from New York so I have a typical European upbringing. My background with computers began at an early age like many from my generation, I started working in fast food when I was 15 to buy my first computer, a Compaq Presario.  My passion for computers and information began with the family computer a Packard Bell that had a 144 MHz processor in it.  I didn’t know much back then but I knew I wanted to be involved with this magical machine. 

I built my first computer when I was 16 and never looked back.  I’ve been involved with computers my whole life. I am an avid user of the internet but I also know how to pull back from the information superhighway and take trips, I love to travel all over the States and other countries.  I’ve worked many jobs in my life, from computer programmer to real estate associate, I also served 8 years in the United States Navy as a Cryptologic-Technician Collection and I think I learned more in those 8 years then I ever did anywhere else.

You’ll find my skillset/qualifications in the ‘resume’ tab.